How to Choose a Blogging Niche

26 Apr 2024


You love writing! But, you are not sure about where to start? Which topics give you better online exposure? No need to scratch your head; here we are sharing some effective strategies to choose the best blogging niches.

Why Do Blogging Niches Matter?

Do you know choosing a blogging niche is more difficult than preparing it from multiple references? If you have a creative mind, thousands of ideas come to you every day. However, selecting random niches will never guarantee enhanced online visibility, and unfortunately, this will result in low monetisation of your websites.

Although there are examples of renowned bloggers who succeeded in multiple niches, during the initial stages, your readers may not be interested in all the topics you're covering in your weekly blogs. Therefore, when you start blogging in single niches, it opens avenues to create an audience base. Let’s explore how you can start with engaging blogging niches.

Start Brainstorming About Blogging Niches

Even if you have writer’s block, you will end up with a roadmap for kick-starting blog writing in the end. To fast-track your success, consider the following facts.

  • 1: Think about your interests
    First, initiate the brainstorming process by considering your interests. Take enough time to research your hobbies, interests and past experiences to pick something you enjoy talking about.
    In fact, before you finalise the niches, ask yourself one question: Are you ready to write 50+ posts covering this niche or ready to stick it out for a year? Hopefully, you'll get your answer.

  • 2: What about the competition?
    While blogging has become an essential part of digital marketing, the competition is growing daily. If you're willing to avoid such tough niches, go with low-competition niches. For this, you must do a little research on Google Trends. Google Trends allows bloggers to identify the competition, how many viewers are searching for particular content and whether their interest in particular niches is declining or rising etc.

  • 3: Whether the topic has a worthwhile future?
    Suppose you have finalised a blogging niche. Will it continue to keep your audiences?
    We can not deny some exceptional instances when micro-niches performed successfully for more than a year. However, professional bloggers recommend considering Google trends, where you can identify the popularity of the topic as per the location or a particular moment in time.

Finally, make sure the niches are monetisable.

If you plan to make money from blogging, you must select niches carefully. Just because your friend has earned a lot by experimenting with popular niches, you might not become successful following the same path.

For instance, 'rock climbing' appears to be a popular niche. Any adventure lover will be ready to jump into writing about rock climbing. However, if you see the latest google trends, 'rock climbing for beginners' might give you lower competition and more chances of winning the race.

An easy approach you can follow here is to check whether brands are promoting your keywords. If so, you've chosen the right path. If you want assistance in blog writing, keyword research, or SEO audit, then get in touch with We can help with curating the content that ranks.